Here are some of the organisations I’ve been lucky enough to work with.

  • Great Western Air Ambulance
    I first worked with Alex several years ago on a copywriting project – she’s a fantastic writer who quickly gets to the heart of your brand. So when I wanted to run a writing workshop with my colleagues, Alex was the first person I thought of. From the start, Alex took on board the specific needs of our team to build a workshop that was tailored and had clear objectives. On the day, she delivered a really engaging session that brought our cause and story to life in a way that was informative, practical, and good fun! Everyone left feeling inspired and more confident – thank you Alex, it’s always a pleasure! Gemma Court, Individual Giving Manager Great Western Air Ambulance
  • St Peter
    I contacted Alex to help shape copy for a new website that would showcase the hospice’s breadth of services and involvement in the community. From the word go, Alex responded positively and we had a number of friendly and productive conversations to scope out the project. At each stage during these initial chats, Alex went out of her way to provoke productive discussions – asking the right questions and showing a real genuine care and compassion for the work of the hospice and the need to create compelling copy that didn’t sound robotic or forced. Alex was incredibly easy to work with, friendly whilst professional at all times. She created fantastic copy that showed a real understanding of our audience across the new website, Thank you Alex – it has been a pleasure and it’d be brilliant to work with you again.Jacob Little, Digital Manager St Peter's Hospice
  • Mile 91
    Alex is a valued member of the Mile 91 team. She has a wonderful way of putting people at ease so they are at their very best when she interviews them, no matter how tough the story they have to tell is. Without fail they reveal more of themselves then they probably thought they would and more than the client ever imagined possible. The result is powerful emotional content that gets the results our clients need - whether that's driving donations, reporting impact or inspiring people to get involved. Not only is she a great interviewer with a keen eye for the heart of a story, she is an exceptional and engaging writer and has tireless love of good grammar. I would recommend her highly - but not so highly that she's not free for Mile 91 when we need her!Catherine Raynor, DirectorMile 91
  • Bluebell
    Hi Alex, huge thanks again for all your beautiful work. It was so great working with you on the brochure, you made the whole experience so easy and really helped us to think clearly about the messages we wanted to convey and how to express these in the most creative way possible. We are already receiving fabulous feedback from our supporters and beneficiaries & I really look forward to future projects. Ruth Jackson, CEO Bluebell
  • Leonard Cheshire Disability
    Hi Alex. We got the report to the donor on Friday and [with your photos and stories] it looked really great – lots of positive comments from the team on your style and approach. Thank you so much again for a great piece of work and I do hope we get to work together again soon!Desiree D’Souza, Managing Director, FundraisingLeonard Cheshire Disability
  • Soil Association
    Hi Alex. This is brilliant – exactly what we needed! Thank you so much for fitting us in and for doing such a great job. We really look forward to working with you again soon.Julie Wilkins, Head of Marketing Soil Association
  • Penny Brohn Cancer Care
    Alex carried out an extra-ordinary interview with a beneficiary for me at Penny Brohn Cancer Care. Her insightful questions were well researched and sensitively delivered, getting the very best out of an eloquent interviewee who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Alex creatively edited the story together into two audio clips for use online, and in social media, to increase donations for a direct mail cash appeal. It was a joy to work with Alex and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to leverage the power of a case study in their fundraising communications. Richard Cottrell, Direct Marketing ManagerPenny Brohn Cancer Care
  • NCVO
    Alex is an exceptional copywriter and story teller. She builds great relationships with partners, beneficiaries and clients and quickly gets to the core of what an organisation is about. She brings real clarity of thought to what can seem like insurmountable, or unfaceable problems and helps charities to communicate in an informative, influential and delightful manner. We threw the kitchen sink at her at NCVO and she didn’t bat an eyelid. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.Steve Cole, Programme CoordinatorNCVO
  • VSO
    Alex has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the last couple of months, always passionate and interested in the provided briefs. She’s really brought a lot of value to our work, especially as we’ve thrown a lot of tricky content at her with some really tight time-frames. Her story-telling is second to none; she managed to keep the voice of our volunteers whilst making it funny, informative and engaging for a wide audience of our donors. It was exactly what we were after. Thank you Alex and I look forward to working again with you soon.Holly Roberts, Individual Giving FundraiserVSO
  • Bowel Cancer UK
    Billy’s optimistic story about being diagnosed and successfully treated for bowel cancer was captured in a vivid and engaging way by Alex at CharityStory. The writing stayed true to Billy’s own voice and this personal approach is powerful for getting people to listen, take part in screening and support the work of our charity. Billy enjoyed the interview and feels empowered by the resulting article on our website – we are simply delighted!Jan Anderson, Regional ManagerBowel Cancer UK
  • Mile 91
    What’s exciting about working with Alex is that she is deeply committed and passionate about what she does. Not only that but she is brilliantly organised and a natural at putting people at ease before and during an interview. This is an essential attribute when doing the kind of work she does. I have seen her interview a huge range of people and work in some very challenging situations and she has always delivered great stories to go alongside my photographs.Ben Langdon, DirectorMile 91
  • Send a Cow
    Alex really captured the heart of our story, writing in an informed, creative and engaging manner. She worked with professionalism and delivered the project – creating bespoke Christmas newspaper appeals – quickly and worked well with the team here. Joanna Brownbill, Communications ManagerSend a Cow
  • Bristol Citizens Advice
    I just wanted to thank you again for delivering such a good communications workshop yesterday. You packed a lot in to the very short time we gave you, and it was useful, practical and fun. Sue Evans, DirectorBristol Citizens Advice
  • Age UK Bristol
    It was an absolute pleasure working with Alex. She is professional whilst having a unique talent for putting people at ease. Telling intimate details about your life is not the easiest thing to do, but within minutes, our service users and volunteers were talking to Alex like a close friend. We have found it very difficult in the past to connect with vulnerable older people and capture their stories on film/audio. Alex worked tirelessly, in collaboration with us, to get the case studies spot on. The stories she has produced are already inspiring other older people to ask for help and have been used to strengthen funding bids. I would recommend working with Alex to anyone looking to bring the work of their organisation to life. The uses for true life case studies are truly limitless! Jess Lewin, Administration and Marketing ManagerAge UK Bristol
  • One25
    I really enjoyed meeting Alex and seeing how she so brilliantly put our beneficiary, Rachel, at ease. It was amazing how she got Rachel to open up and share her life story that even her own support workers had never fully heard before. Alex worked with an impressive level of understanding, compassion and patience to portray Rachel with the dignity and humanity she deserves – even though we know her well at One25, seeing her story written up like that moved us all profoundly. The case study is an amazing tool to use in building confidence and motivation amongst other of our beneficiaries considering change and also in raising awareness and funding in the wider community. All of us at One25 were so pleased and touched by the end result. We recommend Alex to everyone. Josie Hill, Head of Fundraising and CommunicationsOne25
  • Motivation
    Alex’s clear and compelling writing style has made such a difference to us at Motivation. She was able to quickly understand the nuances and complexities of our work — which can sometimes be a bit jargony and technical — and make it easy for potential supporters to understand what we do and why it matters. She has an amazing eye for detail and an obsession with quality, so we always felt 100% sure that every piece of writing would be something we’d feel really proud to see on our website or in our newsletters. Jennifer Howitt Browning, Programmes Development ManagerMotivation
  • Bristol Wood Recycling Project
    Alex has brilliantly distilled the essence of Bristol Wood Recycling Project. Colin’s story is presented thoughtfully and sensitively, but also shows some of what makes Colin ‘tick’ in an honest yet positive way. Nice one Alex! Ben Moss, DirectorBristol Wood Recycling Project
  • Volunteer Bristol
    Alex produced a photo film which vividly brought to life the positive impact of our Volunteer Support Programme. When we showed it at our AGM it almost moved people to tears (which was exactly the effect we were looking for)! Steve Dale, Chief ExecutiveVolunteer Bristol