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“I never once believed it was going to kill me.”

The ‘amazing interviewee’ that I mentioned briefly at the start of my last blog is now live on Penny Brohn Cancer Care’s homepage!

Penny Brohn Cancer Care's homepage
Helen’s the brunette in the middle!

I met Helen at Penny Brohn Cancer Care’s beautiful centre in Pill, near Bristol, in July 2013. She was a dream to interview: eloquent and honest.

Helen describes being diagnosed with ovarian cancer – “the silent killer” – and her journey from disbelief to fury to acceptance. She heaps praise on Penny Brohn Cancer Care, which played a crucial role in her recovery. And she urges us to make a donation to the charity with this devastatingly accurate rationale: “Everybody’s life is going to be touched by cancer… it’s not going away. So if you like, it’s an investment in your future.”

I produced two edits of Helen’s interview for the charity. There’s a two minute clip for the average listener (though I’m sure some would argue that two minutes is beyond many people’s attention span…we shall see). And there’s an eight minute feature for listeners with more time to invest – or, perhaps more accurately, a deeper connection with the charity, with ovarian cancer or with Helen herself.

You can listen to Helen’s story here.

If you like what I’ve done with Helen’s story and think something similar could work for your organisation, I’d love to hear from you. Do get in touch.