Story gathering

Stories are probably the most effective tool you have to bring your charity’s impact to life.

But often, stories are seen as a luxury. You know they’re powerful and you know you need them. But you’re too busy trying to stay on top of your day-to-day work to spend any quality time on them.

That’s where I can help. I can take on your story gathering, producing compelling features about the people you work with. You can use them online, in bids, donor reports, newsletters, annual reviews – however you wish.

I’m very experienced in working with vulnerable people. I’ve interviewed victims of crime, people with disabilities, young people with cancer and mothers affected by post-natal depression. I always check my interviewee is happy with the way I’ve told their story before I send it to my client.

I’m passionate about capturing my interviewee’s true voice. That’s why I always record and transcribe my interviews before I write my stories. It takes a little longer, but it makes for a more authentic story.

All my stories show change and impact: what life was like before, what the charity did to help and what life is like now.

Other ways I can help